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Where to Travel During COVID and Tips to Stay Healthy!

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sep 2、2021

Feeling a bit stir crazy? 

自2020年3月以来,所有的COVID-19居家令和旅行禁令都已颁布, you ' r e certainly not alone. 随着旅游的重新开放,你很可能会渴望回到那里,再次旅行.

Here ' s what you ' ll learn in this article:

  • 2019冠状病毒病期间保持健康和遵守旅行限制的小贴士
  • The best places to travel during COVID
  • 其他语言的COVID关键词汇,帮助您在旅途中保持健康

说到旅行,最重要的是保持安全和健康. Here are tips to do just that.

Stay safe when traveling during COVID

tips for staying healthy & Following Travel Restrictions during COVID-19

currently, 美国疾病控制与预防中心建议,在旅行前要充分接种疫苗, especially internationally. If you are not fully vaccinated, 以下是美国疾病控制与预防中心的建议(即使你接种了疫苗,也要记住这些建议):

1 Take the required COVID tests

Depending on where you’re traveling to or from, 您可能需要在出发前或回国后进行COVID测试. 确保你遵循这些指导,这样你就不会遇到任何旅行延误或并发症.

2 - a mask

while traveling on planes, buses, trains, or other forms of public transportation, be sure to wear a mask that covers both your nose and mouth. 当你在一个封闭的空间里时,它也经常被推荐或要求.

3self -monitor and if necessary, self-isolate.

在旅行期间和旅行结束后,一定要自我监测自己的任何症状. 如果你怀疑自己出现了症状,一定要自我隔离.

Wash your hands often

Keep your hands clean and away from your face. Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer. 美国疾病控制与预防中心建议使用酒精含量至少为60%的消毒剂.

5 avoid crowds

when traveling, and as a general rule of thumb, 避开人群,目标是与你的旅行团或旅游团以外的人保持6英尺/2米的距离. 


with drops, you can learn how to discuss things like social distancing, hand sanitizer and other important health vocabulary in another language to stay safe while you’re abroad. 

7 Consider getting travel insurance

Given the constant changes and regulations being put into place, you may want to consider getting travel insurance. that way, 如果你在最后一刻不得不取消行程或改变行程, you can do so without losing money on flights, cruises, train tickets, or pre - paid lodgings.

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Best Places to Travel During COVID

Do you find yourself asking“Where can I travel during COVID”?“如果你不知道在COVID - 19期间该去哪里旅行,美国疾病控制与预防中心会保留一个 updated map of countries their risk level assessment. 


  • australia
  • china
  • grenada
  • hong kong sar
  • hungary
  • new zealand
  • poland
  • romania
  • slovakia
  • taiwan


  • argentina
  • brazil
  • colombia
  • costa rica
  • france
  • greece
  • ireland
  • israel
  • portugal
  • united kingdom


既然你已经知道如何在旅行中保持健康,以及COVID期间最好的去处是哪里, 让正规网赌十大排行学习一些其他语言的重要词汇,以帮助您在COVID期间顺利度过旅行. 

Where to travel during COVID

How to Say“Face Mask”in Different languages

  • How to say“face mask”in French: le masque de protection
  • How to say“face mask”in Spanish: la mascarilla
  • How to say“face mask”in German: die Gesichtsmaske
  • How to say“face mask”in Italian: la mascherina
  • how to say“face mask”in russian:маскадлялица(maska dlia litsa)
  • How to say“face mask”in Portuguese: mascara
  • how to say " face mask " in chinese:口罩(kǒu zhao)
  • How to say“face mask”in Japanese:口罩(masuku)
  • How to say " face mask " in Korean:面具maseukeu)
  • How to say“face mask”in Hungarian: arcmaszk
  • How to say“face mask”in Danish: ansigtsmaske
  • How to say“face mask”in Swedish: ett munskydd
  • How to say“face mask”in Norwegian: munnbind
  • how to say“face mask”in esperanto: vizaĝmasko
  • how to say“face mask”in vietnamese: khẩu trang
  • How to say“face mask”in Turkish: yuz maskesi
  • How to say“face mask”in Tagalog: face mask
  • How to say“face mask”in Indonesian: masker wajah
  • How to say“face mask”in Dutch: het mondkapje
  • How to say“face mask”in 末ic: andlitsgrima
  • how to say“face mask”in thai:หน้ากาก(hnaa kaak)
  • How to say“face mask”in Polish: maseczka na twarz
  • how to say“face mask”in greek:ημάσκαπροσώπου(i maska prosopou)
  • How to say“face mask”in Finnish: kasvosuoja
  • How to say“face mask”in Estonian: naomask
  • How to say“face mask”in Croatian: maska za lice
  • how to say“face mask”in serbian:масказалице(maska za lice)
  • How to say“face mask”in Bosnian: maska za lice
  • How to say“face mask”in Swahili: kitamvua cha uso
  • How to say“face mask”in Igbo: iboju-bomu
  • How to say“face mask”in Yoruba: mkpu ihu

How to Say“Social Distancing”in Different languages

  • “社交距离”用法语怎么说:la distancesociale
  • “社交距离”用西班牙语怎么说:el distciamiento social
  • 德语中“社交距离”怎么说:die soziale distanceerung
  • “社交距离”用意大利语怎么说:il distziamento sociale
  • 用俄语怎么说“社会距离”:социальноедистанцирование吗 (sotsialnoe distantsirovanie)
  • “社交距离”用葡萄牙语怎么说:distciamento social
  • how to say in chinese:“social distancing”保持社交距离(bǎo chi she jiāo ju li
  • How to say“social distancing”in Japanese:社交能力(sosharu disutansu)
  • how to say in korean:“social distancing”사회적거리두기(sahoejeong georidugi)
  • How to say“social distancing”in Hungarian: tarsadalmi tavolsagtartas
  • How to say“social distancing”in Danish: social afstand
  • “社交距离”用瑞典语怎么说:en social distancing
  • How to say“social distancing”in Norwegian: sosial distansering
  • How to say“social distancing”in Esperanto: socia distancado
  • how to say in vietnamese:“social distancing”gian cach xa hội
  • How to say“social distancing”in Turkish: sosyal izolasyon
  • How to say“social distancing”in Tagalog: social distancing
  • How to say“social distancing”in Indonesian: menjaga jarak
  • How to say“social distancing”in Dutch: de sociale onthouding
  • How to say“social distancing”in 末ic: felagsleg fjarlægð
  • how to say in thai:“social distancing”ระยะห่างทางสังคม(ra ya haang thaang sang khom)
  • how to say in polish:“social distancing”dystans społeczny
  • 怎么说“社会距离”在希腊:ηκοινωνικήαποστασιοποίηση(i kinoniki apostasiopiisi)
  • 芬兰语“社交距离”怎么说:sosiaalisen kanssakäymisen välttäminen
  • 爱沙尼亚语“社交距离”怎么说:suhtlemisdistantsi hoidmine
  • “社交距离”用克罗地亚语怎么说:socijalno distanciranje
  • 用斯瓦希里语怎么说“社交距离”:umbali kati yako na mtu mwengine
  • 伊博语“社交距离”怎么说:fífààyèsílẹ̀larin ara ẹni
  • how to say in yoruba:“social distancing”并非ọpụ噶

How to Say“Hand Sanitizer”in Different languages

  • “洗手液”用法语怎么说:le désinfectant pour les main
  • 用西班牙语怎么说"洗手液" el desinfectante de manos
  • 德语中的“洗手液”怎么说:das Handdesinfektionsmittel
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Italian: il gel disinfettante
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in russian:антисептикдлярук(antiseptik dlia ruk)
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Portuguese: alcool em gel
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Chinese:免洗杀菌洗手液(miǎn xǐshājūn xi shǒu ye)
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Japanese:手指消毒剂, teyubishodokuzai)
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in korean:손소독제(son sodokje)
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Hungarian: kezfert sketlenit skett
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Danish: handsprit
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Swedish: en handsprit
  • 挪威语“洗手液”怎么说:hånddesinfeksjonsmiddel
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Esperanto: manpurigilo
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in vietnamese: nước rửa tay kho
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Turkish: el dezenfektanı
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Tagalog: hand sanitizer
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Indonesian: hand sanitizer
  • “洗手液”用荷兰语怎么说:de desinfecterende handgel
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in 末ic: handspritt
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in thai:น้ำยาล้างมือ(naam yaa laang mue)
  • 波兰语“洗手液”怎么说:środek do dezynfekcji rąk
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in greek:τ丐帮αντισηπτικόχεριών(to antisiptiko herion)
  • 芬兰语“洗手液”怎么说:käsien desinfiointiaine
  • 爱沙尼亚语“洗手液”怎么说:käte desinfitseerimisvahend
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Croatian: antiseptik za ruke
  • how to say“贪污sanitizer”in igbo: apakokoro arun lọ́wọ́
  • How to say“hand sanitizer”in Yoruba: ogbunje keaka


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