虽然它有助于学习新的西班牙语词汇 正规网赌十大排行, there are more steps you need to take to put your Spanish into practice and take your speaking and writing skills to the next level. 一旦你开始学习西班牙语写作技巧, 下一步是发展你自己的写作风格. 

在这篇文章中, 正规网赌十大排行将给你一些有用的建议来帮助你找到那个声音, 所以你可以对自己用西班牙语交流的能力更有信心.

1. 多看西班牙媒体

A good first step to building Spanish fluency is to subscribe to various media in the 语言. Think Youtube channels, Netflix, Hulu, and other services with Spanish content. You can even subscribe to a newsletter service that sends you regular readings and 作业帮助 用西班牙语谈论不同的话题. 

Once you find something, try using Spanish subtitles rather than English. 这是为了让你知道哪些词实际上正在被说出来. It makes it easier to understand how these words are pronounced in everyday usage. 你还应该记下你学的所有新单词. 随着时间的推移, 你的词汇量会大大增加, and you will be able to write more interesting things with a wider vocabulary. 而且你总是可以巩固你正在学习的新单词 正规网赌十大排行!


2. 说西班牙语比其他任何语言都要多

附近有西班牙语俱乐部吗? 加入它! 

有可能找到一个语言学习伙伴吗? 与他们联系! 

尽你所能尽可能多地说西班牙语. Connecting with native Spanish speakers will motivate you to expand your vocabulary and accelerate your learning. Conversing with native speakers is also a good opportunity to spot mistakes, as they are likely to correct you when you use or pronounce a word the wrong way. 

Another major advantage of talking in Spanish a lot is that it makes the 语言 a part of your daily life. 有了这样坚实的基础, 这将更容易找到自己的语言和, 最终, 的写作风格.

3. 有声读物是你的朋友

Since you’re trying to improve your writing, you should dive into books on the 语言. 考虑有声读物. They are the perfect mix of the spoken 语言 and written 语言 within a literary context. 你不仅可以看到别人的西班牙语写作风格, 但你也会看到这些词如果被说出来会是怎样的. 很多写作都很正式, and seeing how it sounds when spoken gives you a solid base for your formal and oratory practice. 它还允许你比较正式和非正式的西班牙语, especially if you’ve been having a lot of conversations with natives in the meantime.

A good strategy to try with audiobooks is to start off with the familiar stuff. 有没有你读过的喜欢的英文书? 试着听听他们的西班牙语版本. You already know the story, so now your main focus is to hear it told in another 语言. 这是一个很好的练习, as it presents you with the opportunity to compare the nuances of English and Spanish. Both have unique characters and construct sentences and stories the same way. Listening to your favorite books in the two 语言s will help you build your intuition for how to construct your own stories in Spanish.


4. 考虑出国

如果你有能力,为什么不搬到说西班牙语的国家去旅行呢? 这可以帮助你的西班牙语流利度成倍增长. 

好消息是你有很多地方可以选择. There are at least 20 countries in the world where Spanish is an official 语言 spread across three continents: Africa, 欧洲, 和美洲. 

You also have lots of options for how you can spend time in these locations. 而不是独自生活在国外, 考虑参加一个教学项目, 国际合作实习, 或者大学交换项目. 这样的话,当你搬家的时候就会有很多人支持你.

One especially attractive advantage of moving to a Spanish-speaking country is that they are generally cheaper to live in than their English-speaking counterparts. 你不需要花太多的钱来学习这种语言!

And important note to make here is that simply making that move won’t help your fluency. You have to actively engage the locals in this country and make friends to increase your exposure to the 语言. 因为正规网赌十大排行项目很多, there is a very high chance you’ll meet English speakers in Spanish-speaking countries. While it can feel good to hang out with familiar people, it won’t help you learn Spanish. Instead, try to meet spend time with more Spanish speakers and escape the expat bubble!

5. 考虑和说西班牙语的人约会

This is one of those things you can’t quite plan, since nobody gets to choose who they love. 但如果你足够幸运,爱上了一个说西班牙语的人, 那你就有一个绝好的机会! 

无论如何, falling in love with someone who comes from a different country and culture than yours can do wonders for your open-mindedness and expose you to new experiences and new ideas. The more fun and understanding they are, the better the experience will be.

说实话, 你不能说这是一个合适的策略, as much of it will depend on serendipity (imagine walking the streets of Barcelona asking random people if they’ll date you so you can learn Spanish). 然而, 你可以采取措施使之成为可能, like joining a dating site and adjusting the settings so you can connect with Spanish speakers, 或者加入专门为说西班牙语的人开设的交友网站. 你展现你自己的运气!


以上的建议只是冰山一角(双关语). 学习自己风格的方法还有很多. 例如, the most obvious one is that you should write in Spanish daily. 时间和一致性, 你的创造力会源源不断, 你会更擅长用西班牙语写不同的话题. Whatever approach you take, however, be sure to remain committed and consistent. 它将及时支付股息.



关于作者: 约翰·彼得森是一位有4年工作经验的记者 EssayOnTime. He is a professional mini-tennis player and he has written a novel, “His Heart”. 你可以在Facebook上找到他.


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