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Become a Korean Cultural Insider with our Latest Korean Language Expansion

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may 7、2020

One of the best ways to master the Korean language is by getting acquainted with Korean culture. If you want to learn Korean, going beyond learning how to say " hello " in Korean or " how are you?in Korean will help you get an inside look at the language and help you become a better communicator. Plus, you ' ll feel more connected to the Korean language and better immersed in Korean culture. 

languages are tied to the cultures they are used in and the identities of those that speak them. Words are powerful and they can be a gateway to more than just communication. 

That ' s why we ' ve added several hundred new culturally-specific words to our Korean content in drops as a part of 15 new topics. Here are just a few of the words you ' ll learn. 

learn korean words - culture specific vocabulary in the Korean language

How to Talk about Korean Food in Korean

love korean food? Learn how to talk about your favorite Korean dishes, the ingredients used in Korean cooking, 所有delicious Korean soups and stews popular in the country. Some of the words you ' ll learn includebanchan(side dishes),香油(chamgileum“油饼”,“油饼”tteok, " rice“").

How to Count in Korean

Sino-Korean numbers and native Korean numbers. previously, we taught Sino-Korean numbers in drops, but with this latest content expansion, we now also offer native Korean numbers. That way, you ' ll learn how to count people, things, and hours.

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learn korean measure words

Measure words are essential to being able to discuss " how many " or " how much " of something you have in Korean, and it ' s one of the first things you need to learn to talk about basic things- how to talk about how many people are in your family or even how much of an item you ' d like to buy.

Learn Words to Describe Korean Culture

Want to talk about K-pop, Korean etiquette or traditional Korean customs in Korean? look no further. With the Korean content expansion you ' ll learn everything from vocabulary for Korean traditions like like桑拿房jjimjilbangpublic baths and伽倻琴(public baths)gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument) as well as付金(bulgeumTGIF和chimacchimek, " chicken and beer ").

Get Ready to Travel Around Korea

Learn the names of famous Korean landmarks such as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza or Han River in Korean and Learn to travel your way around Korea in the language. 

korean sounds

Korean uses several onomatopoeic expressions in day-to-day conversations, and we offer a topic to teach you some of the most common Korean sounds. You ' ll learn cute Korean words like死鬼(peekabo) kkakkkung或者even猫咪yaong, " meow ").

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Ready to immerse yourself in Korean culture by learning the best Korean words to get started? 

we invite you to learn these words and more with us at drops

What are some of your favorite words in Korean? We ' d love to hear what they are in the comments below!

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